Championships are over

After a week of sports rivalry the championship are over.
You can find results, solution maps here
Thousands fo photos to be found here

Once again we would like to thank all of Athletes, Team Offcials, Accompanying Persons and Escorts for being here in Poland, it was an honor to organize this Championship for you.

At the end we would like to ask you to complete the survey aimed at improve the quality of the WRE competition, you can find it here

Opening hours of Event Office

Event Office will be opened in the following hours:
Tuesday, July 19th:
12:00-17:00 – Model Event – Borowice
18:00-20:00 – Event Centre – Hotel Cieplice
Wednesday, July 20th:
18:45-20:00 – Event Centre – Hotel Cieplice
Thursday, July 21st:
18:45-20:00 – Event Centre – Hotel Cieplice


Last week the first deadline for registartion has expired. Currently we have 132 Athletes from 18 nations on our list. We’re looking forward to welcoming you Jelenia Góra

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