Terrain, maps and embargoed areas


World Trail Orienteering Championships 2022 will be held in Jelenia Góra, a city in southwestern Poland, at the foot of Karkonosze Mountains. Competition areas will be at the lower slopes of those mountains. Terrain is mostly spruce forest with some parts covered by beech forest. The area is characterized by rocks and stones, not seriously affected by human activity.

old maps

Relay and TempO:
1. Pogańska Dolina – 1987-06-237-JG
2. Borowice – 1994-11-518-JG
3. Przesieka – 1997-13-610_2-JG
4. Borowice 2 – 2003-091-1145-DLS
5. Borowice 3 – 2013-056-1833-DLS

1. Żar – 1990-20-363-JG
2. Przesiecka Góra II – 1998-07-722-JG
3. Przesieka – 1999-18-722_2-DLS
4. Zielona Gospoda – 2007-54-1407-DLS

embargoed areas

According to the IOF Competition rules (§ 26.5), embargoed areas are forbidden for all potential WTOC 2022 athletes, team officials and other persons, who, through knowledge of the terrain, may influence the results of the competitions. All embargoed areas are strict embargo.